Reports to: Operations/ Production Manager

Individual Behaviors Required:

  • Exceptional work ethic and attendance
  • Winning team attitude and performance
  • High expectations of quality control & customer service
  • Continuous drive for improvement

Responsible for the following individual duties:

  • Directly supervise only the staff responsible for production. Hire and terminate staff as needed to fulfill the needs of all production departments.
  • Organize all paperwork required to provide production staff with the necessary build sheets to complete the orders required for shop production.
  • Organize and arrange the flow of materials, staff & equipment to optimize the output of finished product while minimizing the costs required to achieve this.
  • Provide in a timely fashion all materials lists required for purchasing to the Operations/ Production Manager
  • Provide a detailed list to the Operations / Production Manager of all of the products and materials that are to make up a given delivery when an order is complete.
  • Liaise with the Operations / Production Manager to ensure that all incoming goods are received when needed for production & all finished products are ready for scheduled deliveries
  • Responsible for accepting the following direction:
  • Meet weekly with the General Manager & Operations / Production Manager to decide on policies which affect the flow of products and materials at Century Glass, as well as determining the requirements for personnel & equipment. Weekly meetings will be used to determine stock levels and changes to products being stocked as determined by the Production Foreman and the Installation Department.